Arthur Hyder

Arthur Hyder

Arthur Hyder lived in the post office, then in Long Lane, alongside where the church school is now.  This followed the death of his mother, when his father – along with his sons Arthur and George –  moved in with his sister in the post office.

Arthur served in the Royal Navy as an engine room artificer.  He soon saw active service and when his first ship was sunk, he was strafed in the water.  He was badly hurt in the leg and one of his lungs had to be removed.

On recovery he refused a shore job, preferring to go to sea again.  This meant he could only sail in a ship with a doctor on board.

So he was posted to the engine room of the battleship HMS Prince of Wales, soon after its commissioning at the Cammell Laird shipyard in Birkenhead.  The ship was sent to Singapore to serve as a deterrent to Japanese aggression.

However, it was attacked by Japanese military aircraft off Kuantan, Malaya on 10th December 1941.

327 sailors lost their lives, including Arthur, as the battleship was sunk.