Brew@2 BLESS (11)

Brew@2 BLESS (11)

Brew@2 BLESS Reflection

*Brew @ 2 | Thursday 25th June | Episode 11*

Good afternoon everyone! Apologies for our Brew @ 2 being a day late, but I think you will all agree it was worth the wait. Our Brew @ 2 today has been prepared by the Tsedaqah community. Tsedaqah is a missional community based at Liverpool Cathedral, made up of young people from around the Triangle of Hope living together in community for a year. Members work in a variety of social justice projects across the Liverpool City Region, in conjunction with the Anglican Diocese of Liverpool and Liverpool Cathedral. If you want to know more about this community then contact David Walker

So get your cool lemonades, ice cream sodas ready, relax and enjoy!

After the reflection why not listen to