Brew@2 BLESS (28)

Brew@2 BLESS (28)

Brew@2 Reflection

*Brew @ 2 | Friday 31st July | Episode 28*

Today our Vicar Sarah O’Donoghue leads us in our final Brew @ 2.

It’s been an incredible journey over the last 4 months and we have loved every shared story and every practical tip we have picked up along the way. Brew @ 2 may now be over, but God story is never finished because the best is always yet to come!

For some, you may have watched Brew @ 2 wanting to start your own story of faith with Jesus, and you may have said the prayer that Sarah says during today’s Brew. If that is you, we would love to journey with you!

So, please either message me on Facebook or email us at and we would love to come alongside you.After today’s Brew, please spend some time reflecting on the journey God has sent you on through Brew @ 2 by listening to the song ‘Be Still, My Soul’ via the link below…