We hope that we can help to celebrate the birth of your child with a Baptism or Thanksgiving Service in church. These take place during our Sunday 10.45 am Family Service and normally this service is on the third Sunday of the month.

Parents need to decide which service, Baptism or Thanksgiving, they think most appropriate, very much depending on the level of commitment they are prepared to make. For the Baptism Service you need to live in our parish or be a regular member of our congregation. You may well want to discuss this with the clergy: they will be pleased to help.

In the Baptism Service parents and godparents make a public commitment to follow Christ and promise to bring their children up in the family of the Church. In the Thanksgiving Service, the parents and godparents simply thank God for the safe arrival of the new baby.

The choice of godparents is important: they should be over 18 years. Again, you may wish to consult the clergy. Normally there are two godfathers and one godmother for a boy; two godmothers and one godfather for a girl. Parents may also be godparents if they wish.

We normally need three weeks notice from the time you send in your completed application form to the vicarage. Sometimes it may not be possible to give you the date you prefer if we already have two families booked in for that day. It is important to involve the godparents and so the clergy would like meet them at the family’s home on the day before the service.

Your whole family together with your friends are welcome to attend the service (though please, no photography or video during the service). Don’t worry about your baby crying or being noisy during the service – we’re used to that and it causes no problems. There is always a supervised crèche at the service (to the front left of the church) while youngsters over 3 years can join one of our children’s and young people’s groups.

We also encourage you to consider sending your child to our church school; you may wish to contact the headteacher, Mr. David Kennedy, at the appropriate time (01695 421391).

Click here to download a Baptism or Thanksgiving application form.