About Us

Learn more about the history and current times at Christ Church

Our History

Christ Church Aughton is a parish church with an evangelical ministry set in the south part of the ancient market town of Ormskirk, 14 miles north of Liverpool on the West Lancashire plain. An Anglican church, we belong to the Diocese of Liverpool and the deanery of Ormskirk.

Read about our history dating back to 1867 when the church was founded, and about those in Aughton who lost their lives in the first and second World Wars.

Photographs and Video of Christ Church by kind permission of Mike Hickson, Michael Lake, Cian O’Donoghue and Lesley Stewart.

Today's Ministry

Our focus is to serve our community, accepting people as they are, and sharing the good news of Jesus.


Annual Report of the Parochial Church Council

The PCC Report 2024 is a wonderful way to read and learn about the life of Christ Church Aughton and a testimony to God’s grace as we have so much to celebrate.

Click here to view.

Annual Parochial Church Council Meeting

Read the Minutes of the 2023 Annual Parochial Church Meeting.

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Photo: Mike Hickson

Illustrations of proposed seating found within other churches. 

Vision 2020

We have been working on our 2020 vision project for a number of years. During 2024 we will be focusing on two major projects. Firstly, ensuring that our Ministry Centre is sustainable for the future by installing solar panels on the roof. This will help ensure that our running costs are kept low and will help us achieve our Eco church award.

We also have exciting plans for our Grade II listed building. Whilst we gratefully appreciate the beauty of the historic building, we are aware there are some aspects of it which make it less than ideal for ministry in the 21st Century. Our project involves stonework repairs, new infrared heating. Click here to open a comprehensive overview, including the plan drawings.  Consultation with the congregation and local parish community is now complete

If you want to help our project by way of a kind donation we would love to hear from you.

Contact: Rev’d Sarah O’Donoghue 


Our project will be funded through:

  • Our own fundraising efforts.
  • Donations/legacies if appropriate.
  • Some Church unrestricted reserves.
  • Much appreciated grant funding.

Our Logo

In The Domesday Book, the great land survey from 1086, Aughton (or Acheton as it was called then) means the Oak Homestead, suggesting that Aughton was home to many oak trees. In the Bible we read several references to oak trees as a symbol of strength and endurance. This strength does not come from what we can see of it above the surface; rather, its enduring strength comes from the roots that cannot be seen by the naked eye. The root system reaches down to where there are ample supplies of water and nutrients in the soil that feed the tree and provides the anchoring base to allow the tree to withstand all kinds of assault, from wind, rain and earthquakes.

Sometimes the landscape of our lives can change quickly and without warning, and we can be left feeling shaken and unsure of our future. Unless we have deep roots like an oak tree, it can be hard to face challenges and overcome them. Our logo reminds us that as followers of Jesus, we must look to Him to give us the strength of an oak tree, producing many acorns to bear witness to Him, so that others will come to know Him.

Meet Our Ministry Team

I was called to Christ Church Aughton in 2015 and have been enjoying the adventure of leading this wonderful community of people ever since. I am passionate about sharing the Gospel message of hope and love with those in our community and beyond. I love chatting to people and walking alongside them on their journey of faith or doubt. If you see me out and about with my two dogs – Major and Monty – why not stop for a chat?

I grew up in Stockport and studied in Durham, where I met my wife, Rachel. Before I trained for ordination, I was a Children’s Worker for a church in Staffordshire and before that, an archeologist focusing on Israel and Jordan, exploring sites and artefacts from biblical times in particular. Following ordination, I was Vicar of two parishes and Area Dean in South Derbyshire for seven years. Fast forward to 2020, I started a new day job as Lecturer in Old Testament at St. Melitus College North West, and was licensed as Assistant Minister here at Christ Church Aughton. I look forward to seeing you at church, or we may bump into each other in a bookshop, which is also a place I thoroughly enjoy!

My connection to Christ Church Aughton goes back to 1991, when I was Assistant Minister for 7 years. I loved it so much, that through the provision of God’s goodness I returned in 2020. In between, I was a Team Vicar and Team Rector in St Helens, and a Vicar in Crosby. In the community, you will see me walking on Clieves Hill with my black Labrador, exploring God’s wonderful creation. As the COVID restrictions lift, I will continue my exploration of the wider world, and the journey of faith right here at Christ Church.

Meet Our Parochial Church Council (PCC)

The PCC consists of clergy and elected church wardens and parishioners. Together they are responsible for the financial affairs of the church parish, the maintenance of its assets such as the church and Ministry Centre, and promoting the mission of the church.