Life Events

Life Events

LYFE groups

Discipleship is important to us here at Christ Church. To help us grow in our faith we have several LYFE (Living your faith everyday) groups that meet weekly in a variety of settings to suit different peoples needs. We follow the Bible Society material which consists of video interviews, reflection on Bible passages and an opportunity to share life together.

If you would like to know more about these groups or would like to join one of them please contact Geoff Fallows on

Monday evening  Vicarage 7pm – 8:45pm 

Monday – Table 49 –  7pm Weatherspoons Pub, Ormskirk 

Tuesday 9:45am  followed by Zumba

Tuesday  in the main hall of the MC –1:30 – 3pm 

Tuesday  7:30pm in the Ministry Centre 

Wednesday 7:30pm in the Ministry Centre

Wednesday 7:30pm Nordico Lounge, Ormskirk 

Thursday  7:00pm  Ministry Centre