Alexa, ‘Who is Jesus?’

Alexa, ‘Who is Jesus?’

I have often considered buying an Alexa device for our home but never quite got around to it. This week I was visiting the home of a lady whose mobility is very restricted and I noticed in the corner she had one of these devices. After we chatted the lady wanted me to hear her favourite piece of music and sitting in the comfort of her armchair she was able to shout over to Alexa to play the song.

Unlike Ross and Bill Evans, I’ve never really been a gadget person, but I have to say I was impressed with this. It’s my birthday next week so you never know!

It was reported in the Telegraph yesterday that the Church of England have launched an Amazon Echo ‘skill’ app which allows people to ask questions about God, Jesus and prayer.

According to the article the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu has designed the app so that agnostics and those who are interested in spiritual matters can ask questions about faith.

Those who have the device will be able to access this particular app by asking Alexa, ‘open the Church of England’. Prayers for different occasions as well as information about local churches and questions of faith will all be available from the app.

Now, I’m not on commission for Amazon, but I am keen for more people to ask those Big questions in life. Sometimes it’s hard to step into a church and join a service especially when nothing feels familiar. And yet, at different points in our lives we may have questions about faith or need to say a prayer.

Jesus came for everyone, there is a wonderful passage in the Bible John 10:10 were Jesus says ‘I have come in order that you might have life—life in all its fullness.”

One of the ways we can know more about this life full of potential and blessings is if we ask questions, if we seek it for ourselves.
And so my hope is that if you do have unanswered questions or if you are in search of the answers to Big questions, like who is God? , that you will be able to find someone from your local church who you can ask. You may even access this new app.