More justice in the world

More justice in the world

More justice in the world.”


The TUC Congress met in Manchester this week. For 150 years the TUC has served as a model for other trade unions around the world in their fight for the rights of workers and the defense of their dignity. One of the key note speakers was the Archbishop of Canterbury. I encourage you to read his speech in full by following this link below


As part of his speech Archbishop Welby spoke about creating a society where everyone matters – and the most vulnerable are cared for. “I dream to see governments, now and in the future, put church-run food banks out of business and empty night shelters”

Here at Christ Church we say Amen to this as we join with the Bishop of Liverpool and his Diocesan rule of life:

bigger church to make a bigger difference; more people knowing Jesus, more justice in the world.”


It’s important that we speak up against injustice and support those who do not have a voice. Throughout the Gospels you hear Jesus speaking of Justice in society. In Luke 4: 18-19 Jesus tells the crowds that he has come to fulfill the vision in the book of Isaiah, releasing the prisoners, giving sight to the blind, and releasing the oppressed.


As I write this contemplation today I am only to aware of how many people this week alone will have accessed the food bank in Ormksirk and spoken to one of our debt advice counsellors. As a Christian I feel I have a responsibility to speak out against injustice and to ensure that people are treated fairly. As Edmund Burke once wrote, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”


In 2018 it seems outrageous that we have people who are in systems that fail to support them. As a church and as a community it would be amazing to see how we can enable the Archbishops dream of “no need for food banks or debt advice services” to become a reality. One way to do this is join us for our Harvest Festival on Sunday 14th October 10:45 so we can support our local foodbank and get the message of injustice highlighted in our community.