Tell Serve Give

Tell Serve Give

“Tell Serve Give”


Today we will welcome Bishop Beverley Mason to Christ Church to meet members of our FACT (Feeling Alone Come Together) group and join us for our community afternoon tea dance. This is one of many events happening across the Liverpool Diocese this weekend as we join the mission to ‘Tell Serve and Give’.

What are we telling, serving and giving you might ask? Well we are Telling people an important message that love, and in particular God’s love is the ‘antidote to loneliness’ (Rick Warren). Unfortunately, one of the biggest issues in our community and in many others is loneliness.  According to various reports, it isn’t only elderly people who feel alone but young people who sadly often turn to digital devices for companionship and support. It would seem therefore there is certainly a need to look at the bigger picture and to address the “loneliness epidemic.”

Serving people with a warm welcome, hospitality and demonstrating that it only takes one person to show love, compassion and concern is a message that Jesus endorsed throughout the Gospels. In fact Jesus knew what it felt to feel alone. When he was going through the worst hours of his life and about to be crucified on the cross he shouted in a loud voice, “Eloi Eloi lama sabachthani?” which translated is, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” (Mark 15:34) In this moment we see Jesus demonstrate the greatest act of compassion and love for humankind by dying on the cross so that we never have to be alone. In his death and resurrection Jesus offers us a relationship with the living God who is LOVE.  

Today we will be Giving people an opportunity to come together, a chance to make new friends and to experience love in community. Many people will be Giving their time and talents today and for this  I am very grateful. Telling others about God’s love, Serving with love, compassion and Giving our time and talents to demonstrate God’s love is surely the one thing that can combat loneliness. Today let’s ‘Tell, Serve and Give’ the greatest gift LOVE.