Linger Longer at the Cross

Linger Longer at the Cross

Linger Longer at the Cross’

As a church we have been spending each Sunday during Lent thinking about the people who witnessed the crucifixion. Real people with thoughts, experiences and responses like ours. The criminal on the cross who asked Jesus for forgiveness, Mary the mother of Jesus, who watched her son die the most cruel death and the Centurion who declared as Jesus died Surely this man was the Son of God!” (Mark 15:39) As each of these people saw Jesus on the cross, they were aware of someone who was more powerful than the authorities ordering his crucifixion. Those who chose to linger longer at the foot of the cross became aware of the awesome power of the cross.  On the cross God showed His love for all of us by sending his son Jesus to take upon himself every bitter thought, every evil deed, such was His extravagant love for humankind. Those who lingered at the foot of the Cross discovered a hidden power, the power of God’s love.

Today, on this Good Friday, each of us has the opportunity to linger longer at the cross, to contemplate what that might mean for us. The power of the cross is that no-one is excluded from Jesus’ love; each of us only need to accept it for ourselves.

Let’s take time today to Linger Longer as we read these words of Jesus in a poem by Heather Harder. We need to linger there to discover the more profound meaning of Easter.

“In My presence is fullness of joy :: You are welcome :: come and stay :: Drink deep of My love :: It flows for you day after day :: Linger longer :: stay with Me :: Linger longer :: it’s here you’re free :: Rest at My feet :: it’s here our hearts meet :: Linger longer :: Linger longer :: Come to Me and know My rest :: Let My peace fill every part :: Press in deeper still :: Dwell in the depths of My heart :: You’re My love :: You’re My bride :: You’re My joy :: and My pride :: Won’t you come :: won’t you stay :: Let My face light the way :: Won’t you come :: won’t you stay :: Won’t you come :: won’t you stay :: Linger longer :: stay with me”