Sharing Life Together

Sharing Life Together

In the 1990s I was fortunate to be part of an Easter production that my Mum wrote called ‘Paid on the Nail’.  The musical was well received in many churches including our local Emmanuel Methodist Church in Ormskirk, and many of the local prisons. The production was recorded and copies sent as far as Australia. Through drama and music those watching were taken from the dramatic moment when Pilate washed his hands of Jesus right the way through Jesus’ Crucifixion and Resurrection. The production ended with the two people encountering Jesus on the road to Emmaus.  As a teenager I was always drawn to the Emmaus road part of the production, I loved the idea of two people journeying with each other, sharing life together and the hope they found when they finally realised the truth that Jesus was indeed alive and journeying with them.

How often in our own lives have we felt downcast like those two disciples? Or had our dreams and hopes shattered? On the road to Emmaus Cleopas and his companion experience the catastrophic loss of the one they believed to be the Redeemer of Israel. They head back to Galilee, no doubt to pick up the old rhythm of the lives they led before they met Jesus.

And yet, towards the end of this Chapter we read, as they walk and talk Jesus comes alongside them, he listens and starts to explain to them the true meaning of recent events. When the disciples reach their house they ask Jesus in, so that they can continue their discussion.

While they are having supper together around an ordinary table, Jesus breaks bread with them and reveals to them who He is.

Perhaps today we are own Emmaus road, looking at the world, especially in light of the recent terrorist attacks and wondering what hope there is? Perhaps we are walking on the Emmaus road full of fear and feeling overwhelmed with the pace of life. And yet what the Emmaus story shows us is Christ joining the disciples, walking beside them, breaking bread with them, and opening their hearts with his Word in a way that is so overwhelming, the world is no longer mad to them.

For those two disciples the world situation had not changed at all, but their hearts had encountered Jesus. Today whatever Emmaus road you are on, Christ is waiting to break into your life.

Here at Christ Church we are about to launch a new initiative, LYFE groups. LYFE groups will be small groups of people journeying together to sharing similar interests, praying and reading the Bible together.  If you are reading this contemplation and are local to Christ Church why not find out more about our new LYFE groups and experience your own special Emmaus Road journey!—