Members of our church community regularly host LYFE groups in their homes or in the Ministry Centre, and we periodically offer online and in-person courses. Learn more about these gatherings, below. If you want to join a LYFE group or learn more about our courses, contact our church office  and join our email list so you’re notified about these and any additional courses being offered.


LYFE (Living Your Faith Everyday) groups spend time getting to know each other, reading and reflecting on Bible passages, and then selecting something relevant to experience throughout the week.

In doing so, the group goes on a journey together to discover a deeper relationship with God.

Some of our LYFE groups also aim to support Christians in the workplace.


What's the best future you could imagine?

There are few emotions more powerful than hope. But these days, hope often feels hard to come by.

Where can we find a hope that won’t disappoint us?

Hope Explored looks at the life, death and resurrection of Jesus in Luke’s Gospel. This three-session series shows that Christianity is about real hope: a joyful expectation for the future, based on true events in the past, which changes everything about the present.


Have you ever wanted to investigate if Jesus, God, and the Bible are genuine or real and whether church is relevant?

Christ Church regularly provides an informal opportunity, over 11 weeks, to watch an informative video each week and then discuss in smaller groups.

It’s a course that can change your life.

To read the personal stories of people who have already attended Alpha courses at our church, click here.

For more information on Alpha please visit their website:

Online Resources

In addition to joining LYFE groups and signing up for courses to help you spiritually grow, here are some online resources you can access at any time.